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Chat on a Mat or Wake and Shake

The children are given a choice whether they would like to join in with our morning exercise routine, Wake and Shake or join in with Chat on a Mat, where they will be encouraged to share with the group what they have been doing, and any news that they may have.  The children are welcome to bring in items for topics or items that are of interest to them, we ask that this is named so it can be safely returned to your child at the end of the session.

 Free Play

A variety of child and adult led activities and resources are available for their exploration and enjoyment.  The children have free flow access to the garden area during this time.  Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.

Outside play

All children are encouraged to play outside, whatever the weather.

Circle Time

The children are split into smaller groups and are encouraged to join in circle time, the theme varies from day to day and involves a variety of activities, for example; dance, familiar rhymes using finger puppets, masks etc., musical instruments and ring games to mention but a few. Small groups of children work with a member of staff on a focus area of interest & development.

St Andrews Church Hall
Sway Road Tiptoe
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